Hi! My name is Chris Long. My day job is leading product teams but I also have a very diversified list of interests. This Digital Garden is a collection of my ideas, thoughts, and beliefs across these areas of interest.

It's constantly growing and evolving. The notes aren't refined or complete, the majority are published as half-finished thoughts. Overall, you can expect the notes to be less rigid and perfect than blog posts. This also means you'll see my thought process, research, and refining as it happens.

Garden Plots (where to start)


Product Management - This is my day job. Learn more about the role of product management and frameworks to build products.

Leadership - Defining strategy & vision, principles of leadership, and more.

Work - Thoughts on how to work. This section applies to everyone, no matter your role.

Organizations -

Other Topics

Writing - Writing is something I continue to improve. Explore this category to learn how I am improving and growing as a writer.

Tools - The tools that I use in my personal and professional life.

Tags - A different way of categorizing content in this garden.

Inbox - Articles in the early stages of being written. These notes have to be integrated into the overall knowledge graph.