202207042007 do you have an enterprise product strategy?

Alternative Titles: Do you have an enterprise product strategy?
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Via https://runthebusiness.substack.com/p/illuminating-product-strategy

Is the product viable:

  1. clear problem…for which the product was a solution
  2. clear user…for whom the problem was worth solving
  3. clear metric…by which the value swap was measured

Is there a product strategy and alignment around it:

  1. what is your primary customer acquisition channel?
  2. can your go-to-market team explain product value?
  3. what levers drive user adoption / account growth?
  4. how does product usage tie to a buying decision?
  5. can your target customer quantify purchase ROI?
  6. do you have a filter for saying “no” to feature asks?
  7. is the core motion distilled into a primary loop?