202204252029 product vision interview

Alternative Titles: Product Vision Interview
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Via Ricardo Clérigo's article on How we did Product Vision at Flyt:

The Present

  • How do you explain what we do to your friends
  • How do your friends explain it to others
  • Who do we do it for
  • As they go about their lives, what are those customers concerned about
  • Customers hire our product to do a job for them. What job is that
  • What are they currently hiring to do that
  • How do we help them do that job better
  • What do we build, that’s harder for others to copy
  • How come we’re best positioned to solve this problem

The Future

  • Looking forward, about our customers, what will distinguish the winners and losers
  • What’s at stake
  • What turns a player into a loser if they don’t change
  • What will the best players do better
  • What happens if we don’t exist
  • What breaks your heart about that
  • What’s the dream
  • What is one thing we believe is true, that other’s don’t
  • What are we willing to sacrifice
  • What matters more than money
  • What’s your vision for the product