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Other resources: https://github.com/randsleadershipslack/employer-test https://gist.github.com/vcarl/14275c72baf976ff1665392e14225dcc https://charity.wtf/2022/01/29/how-can-you-tell-if-the-company-youre-interviewing-with-is-rotten-on-the-inside/

Via https://daveceddia.com/interview-questions-to-ask-company/

How big is the company?

Why did you choose to work here?

Do you enjoy this particular project?

Is there flexibility within the org to move around to different projects?

What's a typical day like?

Software dev process? (agile/tdd/pairing?)

Bug tracking system?

Version control system?

Dev. desktop vs server OS? Developer machine hardware?

Is the product live in production? If not, what's the schedule for developing it?

How often are releases done?

Who supports the product once it's released? Pager duty? Monitoring email?

Where do feature + bugfix requests come from?

Who does the "design" of the product? Internal designers, devs, both?

Would my work be full-stack, or focused on backend/frontend?

How big is the code base? Lots of ties to external/legacy projects?

Typical working hours? Flexibility? Crunch times?

Working from home? Regularly vs. Snow days?

Do you have a favorite part of the job? Least favorite?

Do you have a time tracking system?

Centralized IT dept?

Gov’t contractor? Clearance required? Potential for clearance?

Regulatory compliance? PCI, SOX, etc. Annual training?

Do people hang out outside work? Company outings? Lunch?

Budget for conferences?

Internal lightning talks/brown bag lunches?

Dress code?

Does the company seem stable? Profitable? Any plans to sell?

Bonus structure?

Management style/structure? Frequent catch-ups aka one-on-ones? Something else?

Room for advancement?

Learning opportunities?