202107261601 task or ticket templates

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Design System

Current designs to Replace:

  • Page / Screen name:

    [Attach screenshot here]

Known files or areas affected

  • Ask Developer for the Scene or Component or File to fill out the Acceptance Criteria below

  • Add Labels for Mobile, Web, etc. + Assign this ticket to a Project

  • Links to all pages affected on both Mika or October's side

Design acceptance criteria / Needs & Nits

Organize below by affected Scenes or Components

  • Scene/Component - Increase/decrease Padding/Spacing between Component and Component by 80px

  • Scene/Component - Color change of Component to "Charcoal-7"

  • Scene/Component - Copy change from "lorem ipsum" to "dolor sit amet"

  • Scene/Component - Resize text/button to 24px

Implementation Notes

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

  • Active

  • Hover

  • Focused

  • Activated

User Story


As Member Mika

I want to

So that I can

Acceptance Criteria

IF Mika linked a required piece of content AND / OR added it's description ← Pre-requisite

Then Mika sees:

  • New UI btn for [+ Add required content] ← New

📣 Implementation Notes

  • Eng Review / RFC / Slack thread here.

Additional info:

  • Figma link here.



Steps to reproduce

Expected outcome

Actual outcome


  • Environment

    • [develop, staging, UAT, production etc]
  • Lane version

    • [version number]
  • Platform/Device

    • [iOS/Android/web etc]
  • [initial problem link]

  • [created test problem link on staging, if applicable]


  • [screenshot/video description, with attachment]

**Impact/Severity (**bold the option this bug falls under below)

  • Number of known users affected:

    • 1 (eg. one report), 2-10 (eg. internal team), 10-99 (eg. entire channel), 100+ (eg. entire whitelabel), ALL users (eg. entire app)
  1. Critical / Urgent (escalate on Slack)

    • ie. user/business loss, missing feature, unstable system, security violation, there is no workaround, app crashing, major functions unusable, particularly on production, borderline #stoptheline
  2. Major

    • ie. feature is missing/affecting high profile users, but workaround is there, effects an imminent client/building launch, significantly impacts ability to use core features
  3. Medium

    • ie. impacting small things/parts of functionality, but user is able to do the work, effects some users, is a problem but not crashing the app, doesn’t stall imminent work
  4. Minor

    • ie. cosmetic error, spelling mistake, typo etc not affecting high profile user, doesn’t effect many users or only effects SuperUsers, can get around it but its not great, UI/UX issue

Additional Notes