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category creation is an ongoing exercise in tenacity, perception and positioning. Our task is to identify a burgeoning trend and position ourselves at the front of the movement. This trend could be a latent frustration with the status quo (“I’m so sick of cold emails”) or a changing social pattern (“I don’t think I’ll ever want to work in an office again”). [1]


  • Zuora created the category "subscription economy", the best example of this is their sales deck.
  • Hubspot created the category "content marketing"
  • Gainsight created the category "customer success"
  • Drift created the category "conversational marketing" and moved recently into "Revenue Acceleration"


  • Is this different from Qualtric's experience management? 75% certain yes it is. Experience management is used to identify their solution, it's not necessarily a category.

  1. https://www.animalz.co/blog/category-creation/ ↩︎